Earthing Solutions

SES is an orgnisation, providing service and solutions for the controlling electrostatic hazard in hazardous area.

SES is an official exclusive Indian distributor of  Newson Gale Ltd. UK, supplying static earthing solutions to the hazardous area processing industries for over 30 years.

SES offers wide range of Newson Gale make earthing and bonding, anti-static electricity solutions aimed at any industry where flammable, combustible & explosive atmosphere are present.

Excellence in static grounding and bonding survey of the potential industries through, the “Intrinsically Safe” test instruments.

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As shown here static control products are available in three flexible product category, that are specified for customers, depending on their required level of controlling static hazards.

Product Range Information

   Product provide maximum level of static control , because they are grounding monitoring system with visual indication and interlock facilities for manufacturing process which can generate static hazard.

ER products are suitable for flammable and combustable environment where there is a real danger of conductive plant equipment or material which can be charged with static electricity.

   Products with self-testing clamps with green flashing LED which confirms positive earth connection to equipment.These products higher level of static control and are suitable for the application where co ntrol switches or PLCs are not available for output contacts.

BR products provide higher level of safety for the application which have potential to generate static electricity hazard.

The Cen-Stat range of clamps, cables and reels are single circuit applications that rely on high strength mechanical circuits to dissipate static electricity from potentially charged equipment.

Cen-Stat clamps are specially designed to dissipate static electricity from potentially charged equipment and are subjected to rigorous FM & ATEX testing standards.